get scouted
For model applications please do not email us directly and instead complete the form. If you are looking to get in touch with Line for any other reason contact us via

Ready to get noticed? Then you're in the right place to become a successful model!
To apply for consideration, please complete the form and include photos of yourself, both close-up and full-body with no makeup, no filters, taken in a well-lit space. Professional studio photos are not necessary - phone images taken by a friend or family member are perfectly acceptable.
It would be ideal, if you could also send us a brief video to get to know your personality and see your walk in full-length. Tell your name, age and height. Show a normal, casual walk back and forth in front of the camera so we can see your full line.

If we feel that you have the right look for us, someone will be in touch promptly.

Thank you, and good luck!